In response to community needs, Soaring Ranch increased multi-family housing and decreased proposed commercial space within the project. The result is a model, mixed-use housing solution for local residents in a region suffering severe housing shortages.

Soaring Ranch will directly address Truckee’s housing needs. The project’s second phase will include 69 multi-family housing units, of which 8 units will be affordable. At full build-out, Soaring Ranch’s 199 housing units will be prioritized to full-time, local residents, with 26 of the housing units being prioritized for local, first-time homebuyers.

Housing local residents is a core mission of Soaring Ranch, and a vital part of the vibrancy and economic sustainability that the project will bring to the Truckee and North Tahoe region.

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Residential leasing and purchasing opportunities will be offered in phase two and phase three of the project.

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