Founded: 1986
Offices: San Francisco,
Lake Tahoe, Sacramento

JMA is a full-service investment and development firm. We work on every project scope from concept through completion. And we’re always mindful of how the smallest design and operational detail will impact everyone involved with Soaring Ranch.

You see we’re not just passing through. We live here, too. Our company has a firm commitment to sustainability and a responsibility to the Truckee area — both environmentally and economically.

We also have the support of a national team. Our JMA portfolio includes landmark properties that span hospitality, resort, destination, residential, retail, office and commercial developments. The success of each one is grounded in our team’s keen understanding of the user experience and a deep knowledge of what creates truly unique places.

Shopping Experience

Soaring Ranch is different indeed. It’s an aesthetically pleasing regional retail center that fits in with Truckee’s natural surroundings with a whole host of local and regional retailers at your doorstep.

We envision a place that will fulfill your practical needs such as picking up a prescription, a pair of pliers, a 25-lb bag of dog food, reams of paper, or your dry cleaning. We also look forward to introducing you to regional retail shops and businesses where you can try things on, try gear out, eat in, get takeout, learn something new or seek help.

“Soaring” has so many good connotations of what’s to come here. You’ll be able to fly through your errands without making multiple stops. Or slow down and savor every moment of your retail therapy. Not quite ready to unplug? Bring your laptop. We promise we’ll have a coffee shop and some cool restaurants. Shop here? You may practically live here.

Leasing Information to help select the ideal space for your store or business.

Contact us with any questions or comments about Soaring Ranch. We look forward to hearing from you.