Now Renting Office Space

Join the Soaring Ranch community! We have office space available for rent out of Pad C, located on the NE side of the building facing Soaring Way.

Additional Details
512 sf
Open floor plan with conference room
Fully furnished (currently 3 desks with a communal table and conference room)
Shared Restroom
1-year lease
$1,500 per month (furnished)

For more information and to inquire please contact Jessica at [email protected].

Soaring Ranch Phase 2

We’re gearing up to break ground on Phase 2 at Soaring Ranch. This next exciting chapter of the project will include four new buildings adding space for a mix of new businesses and residences to the Soaring Ranch community.  

More information on Phase 2 groundbreaking is coming soon. Please continue to check back. Commercial pre-leasing is available now. 

Commercial Leasing

Soaring Ranch is optimally located to service the daily shopping, dining, and entertainment needs of half a dozen communities with over 7,500 homes and 1,000 condos just minutes away.

A Diverse Population Base

Avg. Income: $100,000+
Avg. Home Price: $750,000+

Truckee’s trade area population has more than quintupled over the course of 25 years.



About Truckee

Approximately 4,000 professionals commute daily to Truckee year round. Seasonal jobs account for an additional 2,000 daily.

Truckee’s base population is approximately 38,000 and it swells to over 80,000 during the peak summer and winter seasons. 


Soaring Ranch is the 1st shopping center built in over 25 years in Truckee and is the only shopping center located east of Downtown Truckee.

Over 1,000 hotel rooms are within a 10 minute drive. 

Lake Tahoe enjoys over 24 million guest visits per year. 

Commercial Leasing Map

Reach out for more information on square footage and commercial leasing opportunities.