The Best Places To Eat At Soaring Ranch!

In the heart of our vibrant community, Soaring Ranch is the ultimate spot for an unforgettable dining experience! Whether you’re a local seeking a cozy hangout or a visitor on the hunt for top-notch eats, we’ve got you covered. Skip the online search for “restaurants near me” or “best places to eat near me” – everything you crave is right here on our doorstep! Come join us for good times and even better food.

Raley’s Deli and Upstairs Dining:

At Soaring Ranch, Raley’s Deli takes center stage, offering a variety of options for every palate. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick grab-and-go sandwich or craving the experience of having a custom creation made on the spot, Raley’s has you covered. The upstairs dining area and bar provide a cozy and elevated atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch or dinner with friends. Don’t forget to explore the outside deck for a breath of fresh air while indulging in your favorite Raley’s delights.

Did you know… 

Raley’s was one of the first supermarket chains to implement a “Checkstand Dietitian” program, offering customers personalized nutrition advice and guidance right at the checkout counter? They’ve been at the forefront of promoting healthy living within the convenience of grocery shopping!

RAKKAN Ramen’s Irresistible Charm:

RAKKAN Ramen, a gem nestled within Soaring Ranch, promises an unforgettable experience for noodle enthusiasts. Explore why their gyoza steals the show, offering a low-key food adventure that is both uncomplicated and crazy delicious. Dive into the world of RAKKAN Ramen, where every bite tells a tale of culinary mastery and dedication to flavor. It is our go-to spot for those seeking a last-minute date night idea or a casual, yet extraordinary, dining experience. Amp up the flavor with a dashi bomb,  slowly simmered in the carefully chosen vegetables such as kombu to extract its rich flavors and lock in Umami. They don’t use meat nor seafood in our broth, making our stock 100% plant-based. However, customers still get the rich, thick flavor in the soup that bowls like Tonkotsu broth exerts.

Authentic Food With A Mission.. 

RAKKAN originated as a cozy 4-seater restaurant in Nishiazabu, Tokyo, in 2011. Fueled by a vision for authentic Japanese soul food on a global stage, our motto became “Authentic Japanese food, ready for the world.”

Truckee Brewing: Craft Beer Heaven!

For beer enthusiasts and those seeking a touch of local history, Truckee Brewing is a must-visit destination. Delve into the specials that grace their menu, each one crafted with care and a passion for brewing excellence. Uncover the rich history that has shaped Truckee Brewing into the beloved establishment it is today. From unique brews to a warm and inviting ambiance, Truckee Brewing offers more than just a drink – it provides a taste of the local culture and community spirit.

Beyond The Brews… 

At Truckee Brewing Company, it’s not just about great beer and bar food – they also serve up amazing salads and even offer a delectable selection of oysters! Experience a culinary surprise beyond the brews.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the culinary wonders awaiting you at Soaring Ranch! Whether you’re craving the rich flavors of RAKKAN Ramen, the diverse delights of Raley’s, or the crafty creations at Truckee Brewing, there’s something for every palate. Stop by any of these three restaurants and embark on a gastronomic journey that promises to satisfy your cravings and leave you with unforgettable dining experiences. Your taste buds will thank you!