Soaring Ranch is optimally located to service the daily shopping, dining, and entertainment needs of half a dozen communities with over 7,500 homes and 1,000 condos just minutes away.



Avg. Income:  $100,000+

Avg. Home Price:  $750,000+


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a vibrant year-round community and epicenter for summer and winter activities


TRUCKEE’S trade area population has more than quintupled over the course of 25 years.

SOARING RANCH is the 1st shopping center built in over 25 years.

Approximately 4,000 professionals commute daily to Truckee year round. Seasonal jobs account for an additional 2,000 daily.


Truckee’s base population is approximately 38,000 and it swells to over 80,000 during the peak summer and winter seasons.

Soaring Ranch
benefits from over 1.3 million annual visitors
around North Lake Tahoe spending over
$500 million per year.

The successful development of nearby year-round communities signal a shift in Truckee demographics towards a work-live-play lifestyle.

SOARING RANCH is the only shopping center located east of Downtown Truckee.

OVER 1000 hotel rooms are within a 10 minute drive.

LAKE TAHOE enjoys over
24 million guest visits per year.

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Residential leasing and purchasing opportunities will be offered in phase two and phase three of the project.